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With years of results-proven experience in advertising, we've helped everyone from small, independent companies to large corporations increase their size, business and profits. We’ve also been consistently named to Business First’s list of Top Advertising Agencies in Central Ohio for the past 8 years.

The Bravura Team

Jennifer BallingerPrincipal

Well Hello! I have :30 seconds or less in order to make a good first impression, right? Isn’t that what advertising’s all about? My story is pretty simple… If you love what you do, it shows. If you surround yourself with hard working, fun loving and talented people, you’ll be successful. And most importantly, it starts with your attitude. I love what I do and the clients I work with. I’m grateful for the business I have built and the team I get to work with every day, and as for attitude? That’s a decision I make every morning.. just keep smiling!

Email: jennifer@bravuraad.com

Brent BakerPresident

I am a proud Graduate of the University of Cincinnati, long time member of the Central Ohio community, Life Loyal Sigma Chi, and a complete COLLEGE FOOTBALL ADDICT! I do everything that I do so that my loving wife, Brandie, and my two active sons, Hunter and Dawson are proud of who I am and the way I approach each new day. I strive every day to be better than I was yesterday, treat everyone with dignity and respect, and hope to bring a light of joy and humor to everyone I encounter.

Email: brent@bravuraad.com

Ashley Oberle Account Executive 

I believe strong working relationships are at the core of a successful business. I’m proud to nurture my career at Bravura alongside some of the industry’s finest. Helping clients move the needle fuels me more than any over-priced caffeinated drink can. On a day-to-day basis, you can find me writing and presenting marketing proposals, managing client budgets and timelines, writing TV/radio scripts, conceptualizing digital, print and broadcast marketing solutions, reviewing creative and production materials, managing social campaigns, and building lasting client relationships. I laugh loud, work hard, do my best and never give up.

Email: ashley@bravuraad.com

Melissa ChristnerMedia Buyer/Planner

I’m traditional yet I’m wild at heart! I like cats and quiet nights at home with my husband, but can’t wait to go riding with him on his Harley whenever the weather is the slightest bit warm. Media is the same… some days it’s quiet and analytical working with numbers, other days it’s flying by the seat of your pants meeting deadlines and all sorts of interesting people. Hair blowing in the breeze… bugs smacking your helmet’s visor as you reach top speeds! You get the picture!

Email: melissa@bravuraad.com

Brittany LehmanGraphic & Web Designer

The best way to get to know me, is to understand why I chose Graphic Design as my profession. You see, Graphic Design is that perfect balance of structure and creativity. It’s that beautiful place where your right and left brain hemispheres are working harmoniously. When you take this concept and apply it to your everyday life you get Balance, Karma, Yin & Yang, etc. All words that describe my outlook on life.

Email: brittany@bravuraad.com

Zac WoleverGraphic and Web Designer

I’ve always gravitated towards creative outlets in my life. Whether it’s writing music, drawing or graphic design, continuous creativity keeps me sane and gives me something to be excited about everyday. Now-a-days, I have double the excitement in my life because I have two beautiful ladies that I get to go home to everyday. My daughter Bella and fiancé Olivia are the best cheering squad I could ask for!

Email: zac@bravuraad.com

Will CevallosGraphic & Web Designer

My passion for Art and Design dates back to my rambunctious childhood. Whether it was building model airplanes or pasting together collages, the process of creating something from nothing became an obsession, and later a lifestyle. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems at DeVry University.

Email: will@bravuraad.com

Katy BrownWeb Maintenance

After ten years of staying home, I’m back in the wonderful world of Media! I am a Mother of 2 learning how to have it all. Stay tuned while I figure it out….. Meanwhile, wine and travel are staples in my life, as are my dry wall eating Golden Retriever, my sports fan husband and our two lovely daughters. Also, tulips are still my favorite flower! “A challenge should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.”

Email: katy@bravuraad.com

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