Bravura Services

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Bravura Digital Media Portfolio

Website Development
  • Custom Website Design
  • Full Ecommerce Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management
  • Backend Training
Display Advertising
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
    • Expandable Insight Banner
    • Embedded Video Banner
    • Carousel Unit
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Job Title Targeting
  • Category/Top Targeting
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Premium News Network
  • Ad Network

Social Media
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook + Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Premium Pre Roll
  • Advanced Targeted Pre Roll
  • YouTube CPV (Cost Per View)
  • Video Streaming (example:HULU)
  • Website Retargeting
  • Keyword Retargeting
  • Social Media Retargeting
Creative Services
  • Full creative services including
    Rich Media development and HTML5

Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile Geo-Fencing - Hyper Local Targeting
  • Mobile Geo Fenced Retargeting
  • Mobile Custom Network
  • Rich Media Mobile Creation
IP Targeting
  • IP Customer List Targeting
  • IP Cluster Targeting
  • IP Website Retargeting
Email Marketing
  • Newsletter Sponsorship
  • Advanced Email Targeting
  • Custom Creative Development
Search Strategy
  • Onsite Search Engine Optimization
  • Offsite Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing/PPC
  • Reputation Management


Print ads, brochures, web designs, TV and radio spots… This is usually how your target audience first comes in contact with your brand and your products. Do your ads, collateral and website not only convey your product benefits but also your brand position?

Is your message and design consistent from one medium to another? Having one firm oversee all your creative guarantees consistency.

For many businesses, media expenditures represent the largest portion of their marketing budgets. Media is more than the negotiation of rates and cost per points. It’s more than demographics and psychographics. More than reach, frequency and number of impressions. It’s about how it impacts your clients and how it depicts your product or service.

Whether it’s traditional print, broadcast or direct mail, we’ll negotiate the best deal, keep track of the schedules and make sure the ads run as ordered. Our media capabilities include:

• Analysis and Planning
• Buying and Placement (including added value)
• Delivery and Accountability
• Media software compatible with Arbitron and Neilsen ratings
• Multi-Market experience

Bravura can work with you to develop realistic monthly/annual marketing budgets and provide a detailed spreadsheet of all of your marketing expenditures.


What promise do you make and consistently deliver better than your competition? Is that promise important to your customers and prospects?

At the intersection of what you do better than the competition and what’s important to your target audience is your sweet spot – your brand position. We can help you find it.

Our philosophy is simple; Deliver clear and effective marketing through advertising that increases your business and profitability. Bravura will work with you to build and execute monthly, quarterly and/or annual marketing campaigns from budget development to media direction and brand building strategies.

• Logo, Letterheads & Slogans
• Typefaces, Layout and Color Palettes
• Sales & Marketing Collateral
• Web Design
• Web Advertisements


The creative minds of our graphic design team will generate thought provoking, behavior changing concepts to help position your products and/or services.

We field all print vendor calls and place all insertions. Besides traditional direct mail, newspaper and magazine ads we also design collateral material for use in stores as well as other promotional items.

• Brochures and Newsletters
• Advertisements & Sales Collateral
• Presentations
• Banners, Posters, Flyers, Signs
• Tradeshow Displays
• Postcards
• Direct Mailings


Are you looking to generate more traffic to your website and business? A weekly eBlast is the perfect tool to bring your customers back into your store!

We provide your customers with enticing, seasonal full-length emails that feature running specials or other great seasonal offers.

These eBlasts can be done twice weekly if need be and are powerful tool with trackable results. See how many people are interested in your new offers and which products are getting the most clicks!

• Responsive Design
• Mobile-friendly Layout
• Organized Contact List Management
• Quality Control


It is imperative that your website and interactive strategies are the CORE of your marketing efforts.

Today, consumers consult the internet prior to even the most mundane purchases. If your website isn’t providing an efficient, informative experience, then you’re losing business.

In addition to a “well-oiled” and “sticky” website, you should also utilize search marketing, pay-per-click and email campaigns — essential tools for EVERY business. Unless your interactive strategy is humming along, the rest of your marketing program will be will be severely handicapped.

• Web Interface Simplification
• Customized Web Graphics
• Existing Website Redesign
• New and Improved Website Design
• Technical Optimization
• Content Management Systems (CMS)


Bravura can work with you to develop realistic monthly and annual marketing budgets and provide a detailed spreadsheet of all of your marketing expenditures.

• Monthly budget preparation
• Reconcile all monthly media invoices for payment
• Submission of appropriate documentation to the manufacturer for reimbursement for all cooperative advertising

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